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The Shadow Conspiracy

The Shadow Conspiracy Axle Pegs S.O.D. Welterweight

The Shadow Conspiracy Axle Pegs S.O.D. Welterweight

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We've given the tried and true S.O.D. pegs a makeover! Introducing the S.O.D. Welterweight and S.O.D. Featherweight Peg Systems. The Featherweight is the lightweight version with a 7075 alloy core. The Welterweight features the same heat treated and butted cro-mo core as the original S.O.D. peg, but now with an improved nylon composite sleeve material, so that it lasts longer and still slides fast. Both styles use the same sleeve, so replacements (sold separately) are easy to stock. S.O.D. - The most advanced peg systems on the market.

  • Scott Ditchburn signature peg
  • 108mm Length, 38mm diameter
  • Proven nylon/fiberglass material
  • Proprietary Sleeve Lock design prevents sleeve from spinning
  • 4mm thick sleeve material makes it durable
  • Triple butted and heat treated cro-mo core
  • Includes 3/8" hat spacer
  • Weight: 6.4 oz.
  • Colors: Black
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