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Profile Racing

Profile Racing Elite BMX Rear 15/20 Axle Hub

Profile Racing Elite BMX Rear 15/20 Axle Hub

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Only available with 16T cog

The Elite 15/20 hub was created for the new era in frames and designed to be the best racing hub available. With the combined stiffness of the hub shell, oversized axle, & 204 points of engagement, you will have a superior gate start and acceleration out of the turns.

Here are a few key points to the Elite 15/20 hub:

-The Elite 15/20 hub has a true 20mm bolt-on hollow aluminum axle and cassette free-hub body.

-The proprietary aluminum cassette body (different from the existing Elite hub) allows you to use our standard steel, Elite, or aluminum cogs ranging from 12t to 18t.

-Elite 15/20 means that you can use this hub with any frame that requires a 15mm or 20mm axle without using adaptors.

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