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Chris King

Chris King DropSet 2 Integrated Headset Stainless Steel Bearings

Chris King DropSet 2 Integrated Headset Stainless Steel Bearings

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Why We Make This

The simple answer is that many contemporary bicycle frame designs call for the headset bearings to ride inside the frame’s headtube. After decades of making press-in bearing headsets, we needed to make headsets that worked in these newer frames.

From the beginning we understood that integrated headsets posed a unique challenge in that the bearings are not pressed into a cup and sit loosely in the frame. When bearings are not pressed securely into a cup they shift and move, rapidly losing preload. As preload drops, the bearings are more susceptible to creaking, damage, and failure. That’s a problem we know how to solve.

Why You Want It

Enter, our patented GripLock™ bearing cap. The GripLock™ preloads the headset independently of clamping onto the steerer, so it retains preload far better than the competition and is impervious to the ill effects of load spikes from large hits and heavy braking. This means smoother steering, no more creaking, and a longer lasting headset.

Our GripLock™ design also takes the guesswork out of preloading a headset, because the bearing preload force is independent of the clamping force. Our headsets can be preloaded to a torque spec.

Compatible with Open, 3T, All City, Low, Cinelli, Lynskey, and more.

Engineered, manufactured and assembled in Portland, Oregon USA
King Lifetime Warranty
Legendary made-in-house bearings
Patented GripLock® retention design for dependable headset adjustment (US Patent 8662517)
42mm 45x45 upper bearing for 2.8-3.0mm bearing ream depth.
52mm 45x45 lower bearing
Compatible with our included baseplate and 45 degree integrated crown races
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