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Vee Tire Co

Vee Tire Co Tire SpeedBooster

Vee Tire Co Tire SpeedBooster

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Born in BMX racing competition, Speed Booster is designed to meet the demands of lighter weight, better stability when cornering, good rolling resistance at high speed and grippy contact to the track, thanks to new developed LSG+ compound that is used exclusively for the Speed Booster. Folding bead BMX race tire LSG+ compound: Based on Vee's roadbike compound with 66 hardness now applied for BMX racing with great rolling resistance for hard pack circuit but at the same time holds grip from start, with fast cornering Speed Booster is the perfect choice for combining performance, durability, and a lightweight feel. Its LSG+ compound gives you the cornering grip you need without sacrificing a fast-rolling feel. TPI 90

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