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Rennen Adjustable Crank

Rennen Adjustable Crank

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Rennen Adjustable Crank takes the guesswork out of what crank sizes should be used. Adjust your child's crank size between practice sessions with a single wrench. Never before has it been so easy to evaluate crank arm size.

29 Size adjustments from 90mm through 160mm in 2.5mm increments can accommodate you from 3-13yrs old.

Total weight 507g (1lb 1.85oz)

Machined from 7075-T6

Raycelite compatible

Ultralite Spider compatible

Square Taper Crank Compatible, check out our Ultralite BB

Need a way of validating your testing consider a Rennen Smart Sprint

Quick changes can be made using a 20 spline BB tool.

**Product carries a 125lb weight limit**

**Correct installation is required for proper use, all fasteners must be tight.**

**Damage to the arms can occur if the lockrings are not correctly tightened**

**Set Screws located in lockrings are used as a locking feature these must be loosened before removal of the lockring and tightened after securing the lockring in place**

****Does not include spider, ****
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