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Odyssey Brake Cable Slic-Kable Linear Race

Odyssey Brake Cable Slic-Kable Linear Race

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We’ve taken our proven Linear Slic Kable housing and replaced the steel linear wire with aluminum. Utilizing the aluminum wire in the housing saves you significant weight, roughly 30%.

This cable also features our specially designed “volcano” ferrules that we’ve used since 2008 to prevent housing blowouts. This Kable also comes with color-coaded inner wires and ball ends to differentiate between our regular Linear Slic Kable (3.2 oz) and the Race version (3.2 oz.)

Our lightest Linear Slic Kable
Factory installed, specially designed & machined Volcano ferrules
Weatherproof jacket
K-Shield housing provides a higher compressive strength while being lighter than standard stainless steel
Secondary weatherproof jacket
Aluminum Linear Housing prevents binding during barspins
Slic Kable Liner
Ultra low friction PTFE coating bonded to Slic Kable inner wire
65” pre-stretched low-friction Slic Kable
Brake lever lug on one end and Gyro cable lug on the other
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