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Helium Racing Micro Handlebars

Helium Racing Micro Handlebars

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New concept for BMX Helium Racing micro and mini bars. 1.75 rise micro and 3" mini. Free grips included limited time offer!

  • Both these bars offer a reduced diameter grip area measuring 19mm for smaller hands.
  •  This is the first BMX bar to offer this smaller grip diameter with a normal sized stem and brake lever clamping area (22.2) so you can use any normal bmx stem or lever. 
  • Width is 20" (510mm) on the 1.75" (44mm) rise bar and 21.5" (550mm) on the 3" (74mm) rise bar.
  • Anodized in black, blue, Red, Purple, limited edition gold and Jet Fuel finishes. 
  • Each bar has a simple laser etched Helium logo keeping it clean. 
  • Weight is 206g (7.26 oz) for the micro and 238g (8.4 oz) for the 3" version. 


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