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Box Three 36H 10mm Pro Front Alloy Wheel

Box Three 36H 10mm Pro Front Alloy Wheel

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Hand-built in Southern California, Box Three™ Wheels are made with Box One™ front rims, and 36-hole, Box Three 10mm Front Hub laced 3-cross front with 14-gauge stainless steel spokes and brass nipples.

Our Box Three Pro Front Hub offers two precision sealed 6902 bearings between a forged 6061 aluminum hub-shell and a steel 10mm axle and hardware. This creates a great hub for anyone looking for a solid, no-nonsense front hub on a budget.

Box One™ Alloy Hoops have a no-nonsense low-profile design that eliminates excess material, making them some of the lightest weight double-wall rims available. Featuring single eyelets to help prevent spoke pull-through, higher spoke tensions are possible.

Each wheelset is built with Wheelsmith Spoke Prep and inspected using a DT Swiss tension meter for quality control. Includes both front and rear wheels.

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