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ACS Freewheel Removal Tools

ACS Freewheel Removal Tools

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PAWS 4-Prong - Tackle your ACS MainDrive, PAWS, PAWS 4.1, and SOUTHPAW (Gunmetal finish) Freewheels with ease! Our reinforcement ring prongs offer snug centering and fierce torque, but this baby isn't compatible with Claws or Shimano freewheels!

PAWS M-30 6-Spline - Specifically developed for ACS Crossfire and PAWS M30 freewheels with a slender 6-spline pattern, this tool is not suitable for other brands.

Universal 4-Prong - Bravely take on any 16T+ freewheel with our universal 4-Prong removal tool! Compatible with ACS CLAWS, PAWS, PAWS 4.1, MainDrive and SOUTHPAW freewheels, our daring tool gives you the power to conquer any 4-notch freewheel!

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